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Fiber Optic Inspection and Cleaning Kit: K01-1140C

Fiber Optic Inspection and Cleaning Kit K01-1140C Strantech0910

The K01-1140C Fiber Optic Inspection and Cleaning Kit is optimal for quick troubleshooting, inspection, and cleaning of fiber optic connectors for oil & gas, military, and commercial end users.  Taking field inspection requirements into close consideration, the video scope in this kit has a probe to easily inspect the fiber endfaces without fully disassembling the connector (the microscope included in the HK01-5001 Termination Kit requires disassembly of the connector in order to insert the terminus into the microscope).  Only the front insert cap needs to be removed with the included tool.

Helpful tips and instructions are provided to look at TFOCA GenX connectors, ST/SC/FC connectors (both male and adapters), and LC connectors (both male and adapters).  The scope has a magnetic back so that it can be placed on a cabinet while using the probe with two hands.  Also included are two “click cleaners” that provide a basic cleaning by pressing directly onto the termini. This allows for an extremely quick cleaning process.  Each stick is good for 600+ cleanings.  For more stubborn contamination, cleaning fluid and cleaning cubes are included which facilitate a wet-dry cleaning process. The cube has special wipes and a foam backing that provides a cushion when pulling the endface across during cleaning. The fluid is non-hazardous and air-freight compatible.  The kit also contains a Visual Fault Locator (VFL) and the STRAN front insert cap removal tool.  Lastly, a USB stick with instructions and demonstrations is included for customer reference.

Kit Includes…

  • Fiber Optic Cleaning Cube
  • Formula Connector Cleaner
  • One Click Cleaner for 2.5mm
  • Inset/Extraction Tool for GenX
  • Visual Fault Locator (VFL)
  • LCD Monitor
  • Probe w/ Adapters
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • User’s Manual & Accessories Included

 Case Dimensions

  • 17.5” Length x 14” Width x 5” Height
  • Weight 9 lbs

Fiber Optic Termination Kit: HK01-5001


The HK01-5001 Fiber Optic Termination Kit provides the tools and capabilities for full termination of TFOCA GenX, ST and SC connectors.  Used by customers who need the ability to do full terminations in the field.  STRAN field termination kits are designed to support troubleshooting, testing, maintenance and field repair of fiber optic connector and fiber optic cable assembly installations. Custom kits are available for customers requiring only the specialized tools to support a specific set of fiber optic connectors. The kits can be configured to include optical test equipment allowing end users to test the repaired cables and connectors. Procedures and training associated with the Termination Kit operations are available upon request.

Kit Includes…


  • Safety Glasses
  • Cable Cutters
  • Metallic Ruler 12”/30cm
  • Cable Stripping Tool
  • Long Nose Pliers
  • Armor Cutters
  • Kevlar Cutters Blue
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Fiber Optic Stripper 3-in-1
  • Polish Plate
  • Heat Gun
  • Crimp Die 2652 ST’s & SC’s
  • Epoxy Mixer Roller
  • 2.5mm Oven Protectors
  • Heat Oven with Thermometer
  • Timer
  • Black Work Mat
  • Cleaving Tool
  • Fiber Optic Disposal Unit
  • Hand Polish Pad
  • 2.5mm Polish Disc
  • Flashlight
  • Water Bottle
  • Automatic Dispensing Bottle
  • Spanner Wrench
  • Slim Adjustable Wrench
  • Allen Key 0.05”
  • Offset Hex Wrench 1-1/8”-2-5/8”
  • Pelican Case iM2720 Yellow
  • Ridgid 31305 Offset Hex Wrench
  • Storm Case
  • Cable Tie Installation Tool
  • Crimp Tool with Die 2682 Termini
  • GenX, Termini, Install/Removal Tool
  • Tool, GenX, Insert/Extraction
  • Tool, Spanner, GenX, 4ch
  • Multiple Purpose Clip Poly Bag
  • Tool Roll Pouch
  • O-Ring Lube Container
  • Fiber Scope
  • User’s Manual & Accessories Included


  • Sharpie Black Industrial Extra
  • Sharpie Silver Metallic Fine
  • Sharpie Black Industrial Fine
  • Kim Wipes 1 box
  • Epoxy
  • O-Ring Lube
  • 9um AO Lapping Film 5”
  • 6um Diamond Lapping Film 5”
  • 1um Diamond Lapping Film 5”
  • Empty Epoxy Syringe w/Needle
  • Vibra-Tite 5ml
  • Threadlocker Blue
  • 2.5mm Ferrule Dustcap Clear
  • 1/16”, Heat Shrink, Clear
  • Foam Swabs
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Dust Remover
  • Piano Wire
  • Stainless Steele Band-it
  • Threadlocker Red 6ml

 Case Dimensions

  • 25” Length x 20” Width x 12” Height
  • Weight 42 lbs

Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit: CTF-1400-CK-1

CTF-1400-CK-1 Bag StrantechCTF-1400-CK-1 Top View StrantechFiber Optic Cleaning Kit CTF-1400-CK-1 Strantech

The CTF-1400-CK-1 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit is considered our “Soft Case” Cleaning Kit.  It can be used on its own to clean TFOCA GenX and commercial connectors, while also acting as a refill kit for the K01-1140C Fiber Optic Cleaning and Inspection Kit.  The soft case cleaning kit is an optimal solution for fiber optic technicians who need basic cleaning supplies and no scope.

Kit Includes…

  • Fiber Optic Cleaning Cube
  • Formula Connector Cleaner
  • One Click Cleaner for 2.5mm
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • User’s Manual & Accessories Included

Case Dimensions…

  • 10.5” Length x 6” Width x 7.5” Height
  • Weight 2 lbs

    Flexible Splice Enclosure


    The flexible splice enclosure is an easy and effective solution for protecting fiber-optic splices in field-deployable applications. Its dimensions allow as many as 8 splices and the design and construction restore a cable’s full tensile strength while allowing it to be flexible enough to coil around a field deployable reel. The stainless steel construction provides complete protection to splices from vibration, shock, and other harsh environmental conditions that might affect performance and functionality.

  • Accommodates 1-8 spliced fibers
  • Uses standard 40mm long splice
  • 11” overall splice enclosure length
  • 1.0” maximum splice enclosure diameter
  • Minimum bend radius of 2-3/8”; 55 lbs to maintain this radius
  • Pull force exceeding 400 lbs
  • Supports both singlemode and multimode fiber types
  • Mechanical shock: 8 foot drop on concrete – 8 times
  • Corrosion resistance of 500 hours in salt spray
  • Operating temperature range: -54°C to +85°C
  • Water tight in 30 feet of water or 15 psi for 24 hours
  • Uses a Mil approved fiber optic cable retention mechanism

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