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Which reel size is right for me?

To find out which cable reel is best for your application, please review the Cable Reel Sizing Chart. The key variables to define are the Cable Overall Diameter (OD mm/in), Cable Length (m/ft), and Minimum Bend Radius (mm/in).


How much do Shane Reels weigh?

Shane Reels provide an extremely robust strength-to-weight ratio. The table below provides a quick reference for the weight of unboxed Shane reels with no cable installed.  


Part Number Cable Reel Weight
RFO-100-5 11 lbs 5 kg
RFO-300 13.2 lbs 6 kg
RFO-500 12.45 lbs 5.66 kg
RFO-500-6 16.5 lbs 7.5 kg
RFO-500-8 16.7 lbs 7.6 kg
RFO-1000 16.36 lbs 7.42 kg
RFO-3-10 45.5 lbs 20.7 kg
RFO-3-2000 58.2 lbs 26.45 kg
MP-Handheld 9.16 lbs 4.15 kg
DR-5 26 lbs 11.88 kg
DR-8 2.47 lbs 1.12 kg
RL-159/U 20 lbs 9 kg
RC-453B/G 33 lbs 15 kg



Of what materials are Shane Reels made?

We take special pride in manufacturing our cable reels out of steel. Please visit our Why STEEL Works page for more information why. For specifications on other materials, such as paint finishes and accessories, please Contact Us.


What paint and coating systems are available?

The standard paint finishes offered by Shane are Black Powder Coat, CARC Green, and CARC Desert Tan.  Customer-specified paint finishes or coatings are possible.  Please Contact Us to see if your paint requirement can be accommodated.


What is the axle design for Shane Reels?

Shane Reels are designed with a 1” square axle shaft. This eliminates the need for bearings to be installed inside the drum. For additional dimensions, please refer to the PDF drawings available on our Fiber Optic Cable Reel or Electrical Cable Reel product pages.


What stands are compatible with Shane Reels?

Shane reels operate on many different stand designs incorporating the 1” square axle design. For additional stand options and recommendations, or to discuss a custom application requirement please Contact Us for assistance.  


What size connector will fit in the drum storage compartment of RFO reels?

The storage compartment located in the RFO series cable reels offers generous protection for connectors when in transit or storage. Please Contact Us to see if your connector dimensions will fit in our reels.


Can Shane manufacture custom reels?

Our highly qualified team of engineers will review your custom design or application to provide a feasibility assessment and recommendations for reel options. Contact Us today to share your custom requirement.


What are the Shane Industries Terms and Conditions?

The Terms and Conditions offered at Shane Industries can be found by opening the following link: TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE SHANE.

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