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Why STEEL Works

Why STEEL Works

Shane Reels are unmatched for performance in the most challenging environments. We owe this success to our tried and tested use of steel in our manufactured cable reels. Here are some key reasons why steel is the material of choice:

cable reel strength

Steel has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. When used in the gauges tailored to specific applications, as with Shane Reel components, steel is incredibly durable, and provides long-lasting performance without a significant weight penalty, unlike more expensive, fragile materials.

cable reel finish

Steel can be finished in a wide variety of platings, coatings, and surface treatments to support almost any usage requirement. With steel having a natural surface finish that is ideal for paint adhesion and good appearance, many plastics and composites encounter paint adhesion problems, and few can be plated reliably and economically. Shane Reels offer military-grade CARC paint for ease of decontamination after exposure to NBC agents.  They can also be specified with many different surface treatments to suit unique customer application requirements.

cable reel yield strength

Steel has a high minimum yield strength, meaning it resists bending, dents, and permanent deformation better than all other metals. This is what makes Shane Reels superior performers, even after decades of field use. Shane Reels are designed with components whose properties are tailored to their specific function. Flange heads resist bending from rough handling and transport, and hubs are through-hardened to easily resist the mechanical wear caused by rotation and vibration of frequent use.

cable reel fatigue

Steel has a very long fatigue life, making it the perfect material for abusive duty and long-term use. Shane Reels can function well for decades in harsh outdoor environments, even with frequent abuse. Steel is extremely abrasion-resistant and the surface hardness can be easily and economically tailored to the intended use. For Shane Reels, this means that unintentional dragging and other misuse will not compromise functionality.

cable reel malleable

Steel is malleable, and sheet metal will bend under overload conditions before cracking or shattering, making it inherently user friendly. This is a significant safety advantage over materials like plastic or wood which can shatter or splinter when overloaded, causing injury.

cable reel environnment

Steel is an environmentally acceptable material that does not pollute the environment. It can be recycled easily, and is among the most commonly recycled materials other than paper. The waste stream for steel recycling is well established and highly efficient. Shane Reels may also be returned at the end of their very long lives to any steel recycler, or can be economically reconditioned. 

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