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metallic cable reel rc-453


The RC-453B/G cable reel provides long length cable capacity in the Shane Industries electrical cable reel line.  With durable, triple flanged steel construction, the RC-453B/G stands up to the most demanding environments where electrical wire and cable is used.  The rated capacity is 0.25 mi of CX-1606, or CX-11230, or 1.0 km of cable assembly, fiber optic, CX-XXXXX.  The maximum weight capacity rating is 150 lbs. 

NSN #: 8130-01-147-4858

Paint finish options:

CARC Green
CARC Desert Tan
Black Powder Coat


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RC-453 Specifications
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Cable Overall Diameter 6 mm
Rated Cable Length 1900 m
Flange Diameter 19.25 in
Outer Flange Diameter 19.25 in
Inner Drum Diameter 6.59 in
Nominal Reel Width 17 in
Minimum Bend Radius 3.3 in
Approx. Weight 33 lbs – 15 kg


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